Ready To Get Some Recognition In Your Space?


If your Goal is to be the leading go-to person in your industry, the most sought after talent in your area, or just to build a Massive Brand.

We Have The Fuel For Your Rocket!

The only way to long term success is you must deliver something of value that people have an interest in like entertainment, an industry expert, or an authority of a topic of interest and be completely committed to delivering fresh, consistent content.  

The general public has access to other choices with the push of a button, and on top of that, have short attention spans to boot.

So if you're the Real Deal and have a True desire to build a following with value, then we may have an interest in partnering with you!

What Makes Us An Authority To Massive Exposure?

We Produce and Distribute the “Cooking With Kade” YouTube show

If we can get a 9-year-old making a simple

hamburger video on YouTube

to a spot on a National Television Show,

Maybe we can do the same for you!

Kade’s first show was in April of 2014, now he does commercials, appearances and has his own line of Cajun seasonings.

Technology Has Come A Long Way


Gone are the days when you had to find a manager, pay for a studio, then find a publisher to produce, distribute and MARKET a show to get any kind of chance to get recognition in this world.


The Technology is here and we have the expertise to get you in the forefront.


We can send a videographer or help source one for you but the best solution is a newer smartphone (now with better video quality), a simple Tripod and download a free teleprompter app.  Now you are in the show business!

Plus, you are free to work at your convenience.

We have some simple solutions that can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon for very little money that will make your Videos LOOK AWESOME!

 You can record your live video from a smartphone, camera or other recording devices, and upload it instantly to our video production platform or send it to Vimeo and we can take it from there.

We'll edit and color correct the footage and get it in front of thousands to build your Brand quickly. 

For Large files, we'll use DropBox (Contact us below or email: support (at) magmediafactory.com

Good quality Greenscreen kits (with lighting kit) can be purchased for under $200 that will allow you to have custom backgrounds if desired.

Footage we captured and converted to Video Commercials


Well, You Finally Got A New Video…Now What?

Great, you’ve realized that video is the future of Video Marketing and you have a great new video telling the world (potential customers/clients) all about your products or services.

But now what?

You embed it into your website – naturally,

You put it on YouTube – of course,

and ummm….6 months later you’ve had 27 views on YouTube and you have no idea how many people have watched it on your website.

At MAG, not only do we produce engaging videos but we then distribute your content with our optimized process to our marketing network.  It is critical to get exposure for important ranking metrics so YouTube will display it in their relevant/recommended video program.

First, we work with you to produce the most suitable type of format for your business (you will approve your video before we launch).  

We then utilize social media and our unique distribution methods to deliver your video content to your target market. 

At the end of the month, you get the results of what is going on with your campaign.

A Targeted Social Media Campaign is Included With Every Video

(This is where you will be promoted 7-10 Days after video launch)

  • Promoted to a minimum of 100 video views on Facebook to your local area complete with targeting consumers that have an interest in your product or service.
  • Promoted on our YouTube partner channel to a minimum of 1000 views and social signals (Social signals help get your video to appear in the related video section and will add search engine juice when searching for your related content)
  • Your commercial is also shared on our own Twitter profiles at least 5 times reaching 1000’s of our followers including @socialmaxorg (24,300 + followers) @mediaadgroup (13,700 + followers) @magdiscountclub (15,700 + followers) For Additional Social Signals!
  • And finally, your commercial will also be posted on our Pinterest account to over 7500 followers.

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Your Virtual Studio Video will be Uploaded to Vimeo for you to download.

You can Download it and use it wherever you want with full licensing rights.

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