6 Tips to Create Amazing and 

Highly Effective Videos

Using Only Your


Gone are the days of needing expensive video equipment in order to take quality videos to post and share online. Just about everyone nowadays already owns the only thing they need to shoot awesome videos– a smartphone. Here are 6 tips to get the best footage from your smart phone:

1. Good lighting is very important. Smartphones have small image sensors and lenses. Be sure to use plenty of light. And if you can't get the right amount of lighting indoors, sunlight works great.

2. Keep steady. Either use both hands to hold your phone steady or you could use a stabilizer, tripod, or balance your phone on a table, shelf, desk, etc.

3. Audio matters as much as the video. Shoot in a quiet place since the microphone on many smartphones are often low quality and misplaced. External audio recording devices are what many professionals who shoot video with their smartphones use. But if that is impractical for you to use, a trick you can do is use your hand to cover around the microphone, being careful not to cover it, and this will help to block out unwanted noise.

4. Keep close to the phone when recording. You'll have better image quality, less digital noise and better focus in your videos.

5. Avoid shooting your videos vertically if possible. Unless you are using an app that requires vertical video (or shoots square videos) hold your phone horizontally so that videos played back on other screens will come out ok.

6. Improve your videos with mobile apps. There are many third-party apps that will do a better job than the camera app that came with your phone. Even if you use an app that costs a few bucks, the great features will be worth the improved professionalism you will see in your final product.

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